The last few days I have been experiencing problems with popups and irritating ads whenever I browse the internet. The situation got so grave that even when I was on my own website trying to make changes the popups continued to surface.

I got so irritated yesterday I decided to do something about it.

I did a google search for popup blocker. Amongst the results that came up was Adblocker.

Adblocker is a software that does as the name implies, block ads. After downloading the software, on the thank you page, this message came out:

“Hi I’ am Michael, the creator of Adblocker. That’s me and my wife Katie in the picture…”

Marketing with story

The majority of apps and software on the internet are not free. However, there are a lot of them that are free, and many ask for donation.

The message you receive when you download a free app or software most of the times go something like: to help the developers improve on the app or software please donate.

Some try to make the weak attempt to tell useless stories that does not work, therefore do not have similar effect like that of Adblocker story.

I used the adblocker story because it is a classic example of how to effectively use story for marketing purposes. The creator of adblocker brilliantly use his personal story to market his software. Furthermore, showing a picture of him and his wife, and mentioning it makes the story more human.


Why is Story Marketing Effective?

How to market your business

Marketing with story

Most people like to believe that many of their purchasing decisions are made logically. But the reality is, we all make purchasing decisions emotionally and justify them logically.

The most effective way of stimulating people’s emotion is through story. We have all being conditioned from small to love stories. Our parent read bed time stories to us, all of our religious books are full with stories and all of our daily activities are structures around stories.

Politicians have been using story marketing since the invention of democracy in Greece centuries ago. Even politicians from wealthy backgrounds without woe to win stories, fabricate stories to convince the masses that they are one of them.

Story marketing is fast becoming the most effective form of marketing. Most small businesses do not have a point of differentiation. In an apple to orange comparison, some businesses are so similar it is impossible to find any tangible point of differentiation.

There is little that distinguishes many law or accounting firms from their competitors. The same can be said of many private medical practices, dental practices or restaurants.

When faced with a situation where there is absolutely no point of differentiation between your business and that of your competitors, the only thing you can use as a point of differentiation is the story of the business.

No two people have similar stories, and a lot of small business owners do not know the value of their stories.

Your story could be your core marketing asset if you master the skill of effectively deploying it at the appropriate time to market your business.


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