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The year 2013 brought in some massive changes in the social media marketing world. Some of the largest platforms have managed to progress significantly into the direction of monetization with a substantial increase in visual marketing strategies. In order to decide just what is in store for 2014 in social media marketing, let’s take a look at the predictions from some social media big hitters.

Advertorials Comeback

There are currently numerous trends and technologies that are projected to develop in 2014. If this occurs as predicted, social media marketing will see a sizable disturbance. However, it is reported that the likelihood of native advertising along with sponsorship should have superior impact on social media marketing.

Advocacy for Employees


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Reportedly, employee advocacy will most likely become a strategic enterprise for a greater number of the larger corporations and their new social media marketing strategies. This year, businesses will be more inclined to expand outside their comfort zones for brand advocates in social media marketing. Nonetheless, vast numbers of advocates that are found to be the most passionate are often those with in-depth company ties.


Strategically Refocusing Facebook

The outdated approach to social media marketing through means of Facebook is likely to get an intensive make over. Facebook’s former strategy of spamming the news feed will likely be refocused in a few ways. The new major directives for Facebook’s social media marketing will be on efforts for more useful news feeds along with the integration of other marketing channels and blog startups.

New Age in Advocacy

 With the launch of thousands of new products annually as well as the quantity of digital noise that is always on the rise, brands are seeking solutions that will permit them to stand out from that noise. With two methods projected, either the consistency in production of viral content or advances in the advocacy engine will launch improved word-of-mouth tactics. Advocacy will become the most relevant of filters for social media marketing.


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