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Why I am talking to you the small business owner about website design?

After all designing a website should be something you give to web designer right?

It should not be something the small business owner will worry about.

Well as it turned out, if you really want your website to serve as a part of your overall marketing strategy, then you really need to pay attention to your website design.

Therefore, you really need to read this article till the end.

You see…most website designers are artists. They know how to create all the fancy stuff however, because they are not marketers, they do not know the reason it is essential to design a website that generates and converts traffic.

How to Design Website for traffic

The first step in designing a website for maximum traffic and conversion is the realisation that your website design is subject to the same marketing principles all of your other marketing collateral are subjected to.

The text on your site has to speak to your visitors the moment they land on your site. When visitors land on the majority of websites, what they are greeted with messages about what the business does.

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Visitors do not visit your website for the express purpose of knowing what it is that you do. They could care less.  They are on your website because they already know what you do. At least that is what I want to believe.

The only reason they are on your site is to find a solution to a problem.

Why do people buy anything?

They buy to:

  • Relief pain
  • Increase gratification
  • Prevent something

Consequently, when someone arrives on your website, the first thing they need to see is a message that speaks directly to their pain, gratification or prevention.

If they do not see that thing…in the first few seconds, you have lost them.

The second aspect of effective website design that attracts and maximise traffic is: design for functionality.

Apple products are one of the best designed products ever. Don’t take my word for it, asked those who sleep in sub-zero degree temperature to buy their products.

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What makes appeal products appealing?

Apple products are:

  • Simple
  • Elegant
  • Functional

Apple iPhones or iPads have no complex design yet there is something about them that makes them very attractive. And most importantly, they are functional for the purpose for which they were designed.

How can you apply Apple design architecture to you website?

You need to think:

  • Simple
  • Elegant
  • Functional


  • Why do you need a website?
  • What would you like visitors to do when they arrive on your website?
  • Is your website a corporate brochure website meant for information purposes only?
  • Is your website an ecommerce site that is selling stuff?
  • Or is your website a lead generation site?

By identifying the objective of your website from the start, it provides the opportunity of designing a website that is simple, elegant and functional.

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