Small Business Marketing Strategies

Selling to other businesses

While waiting for my phone line to be installed, I was forced to buy dongle to gain access to the internet.

The cheapest on the market was from T-Mobile. Since I am only using it for a short period, I felt buying the cheapest wouldn’t hurt.

I was told in the store to just connect it to my computer and it would automatically connect to the internet. I did as they instructed but it did not work, so I decided to call T-Mobile.

When I got the customer service assistant on the line, I explained to him the reason for my call. The questions he asked me indicated to me he had no idea what I was talking about.

Sensing that he was clueless about my request, I asked him to either call a manager or go and ask someone else. He returned a few minutes later saying I needed to buy credit.

I calmly read what was written on the box, which indicated that I already had credit. He disappeared a second time and this time came with a link I was to place into my browser.

I tried the link several times but it did not work. I kept getting a message saying this webpage cannot be found. He disappeared for the third time and came back with information that they were experiencing technical problems, then advised that I try the link after 24 hours.

From the way he said it, I knew he did not know what to do therefore decided to lie to me. I told him I knew he did not know what to do, I will be grateful if he called someone else.

He insisted that he knew what I was talking about they were indeed experiencing technical problems. Realising I was not going to get through to him, I decided to cut the called and redial.

True to my intuition, when I redialled, the person I got on the line the second time gave me instructions and within minutes, I was online.

Small business marketing

Small Business Marketing Strategies

If I was incapable of detecting that the first customer service assistant was clueless about what he was being told, I would have returned the dongle to the store and T-Mobile would have lost a sale that day.

You might be thinking to yourself, it is just a single sale, what difference would it have made to T-Mobile? Well it is multiple single sales like that that cause businesses to go into the red.

T-Mobile like most mobile service providers focus their marketing on attracting customers, however, when they get those customers, they do not do anything to keep them.

What they do not understand is, in the new business environment, the marketing is in the product and service. Interruption marketing that focus on advertising does not work in the new business environment.

Small business marketing in this new business environment is about creating products that are remarkable and providing the type of customer service that is worth talking about.

The new business environment is about relationship and permission marketing. You need to build relationship with your market in order for them to give you the permission to sell to them.

T-Mobile has combined with Orange to form EE network, hoping that the merger will liberate it from mediocrity. But two mediocre businesses joined together will not result in an excellent business. It will just be one giant mediocrity.


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