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Increasing retail sales requires:

• Beautiful store design
• Attractive visual merchandising display
• An effective retail loss prevention strategy

     We show retailers how to design beautiful store, create attractive visual merchandising display and develop an effective shoplifting loss prevention strategy. 

    If you are a retailer who will like to increase your store sales without spending a single red penny on marketing, call us now on: 020 8798 0579.


This is what another client has to say about us:

“Just my note of appreciation for providing such an excellent training. The clarity of your presentation demonstrates not only your understanding of marketing but also an extraordinary grasp of human behaviour and the science of persuasion. I am glad to have attended your training at this stage of my business. The lessons I learnt from you will prevent me from making the marketing mistakes most start-ups make. I am very confident that my marketing strategies will be based upon sound marketing principles”.

Bev Marais, Online Therapy, Bayswater, London, W2



  • Have you ever wondered why some retail stores are constantly jam pack while others remain empty even on a busy shopping day?
  • Why do shoppers choose one retail store over the other?
  • Most IMPORTANTLY, What can you do to make your store the shoppers’ choice?

    As a client of The Business Education Center, those are the questions we will help you answer. 

    We will help you device the appropriate strategies for making your retail store a magnet for shoppers. 


It Takes Genius To Sell

    Mr. Gamble of Proctor and Gamble the biggest manufacturer of retail products once said “Any fool can make soap. It takes a genius to sell soap.”

    How to sell soap – or to put it another way, how to sell the merchandise in your retail store and increase your profit margin is the expertise of The Business Education Center.

Call us now on 020 8798 0579 to start increase your shop sales and profit margin. 


Shoplifting Loss Prevention

Have shoplifters taken residency inside your store?

Are your employee milking you dry?

Would you like to make your shop a shoplifting and employee theft free zone?

      Our retail shoplifting loss prevention department help retailers like you reduce shrinkage by 84% in 120 days.

      If you are serious about reducing your shrinkage in order to increase your profit, give us a call now on 020 8798 0579, to help you begin the process of shrinkage reduction today…make shoplifting a thing of the past. 

This is what one person has to say about my consulting:

“Romeo is a brilliant consultant. From the beginning he asked thought provoking questions and he gained an in depth insight into my business. He then looked at 3 key areas of my website as to why sales weren’t converting and provided solutions. Not just that he made me re-think my goals and strategy for the business and had me look at how I was going to achieve this. Romeo really covered all areas of my business from the strategy to social media. He is a fantastic business consultant someone who will guide you through your business to achieve the best results!”

Abi Owens, Managing Director, Mish Mash Management, Soho, London, W1F


Designing a retail store Store Design Blueprint£5.97
Visual merchandising display blueprint Visual Merchandise Display£5.97
How to increase retail sales How to Increase Retail Sales£6.97
Making profit in retailHow to Make Profit In Retail£9.97
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