Why is it important to offer private security services?

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There are many reasons why a business would want to offer private security. Here some reasons in addition to the usual threats of robbery/thief/and physical harm:

  • Increased security threats – Death threats, chaos, and demonstrations impose threats to security. Security officers are needed to ensure safety at all times for this very reason. Private security firms come in handy in this instance.
  • Peace and Order – Private security ensures that peace and order is maintained on the premises at all times. Security personnel can deal with any trouble that threatens the peace.
  • Isolated Areas – Living in an isolated area far from the city can leave individuals helpless when trouble strikes. Thus, private security can ensure their safety and well-being even in the most isolated areas.

What are the different private security services?

Private security firms offer security services for the protection and security of individuals. Services may include personal investigation, armed or unarmed personal security, bodyguards, and the use of different technologies such as CCTV cameras and alarms.

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The ultimate goal of private security services is to protect the individual against any type of harm or threat. When protecting individuals, security personnel take on various roles and tasks. Here are some of the most common tasks and services security personnel provide:

  • Mobile Patrol Services –Security personnel patrols and monitors the premises at any given time. With this service, the probability of an intrusion decreases.
  • Special Events Security – The presence of a large number of people could become of the target of terrorist attacks; there is also the likelihood of an unruly crowd or violent crimes. The presence of security helps to ensure the event takes place smoothly, with as little violent eruptions as possible.
  • Home Security – Homicides caused by burglaries are very common today. Home security can safeguard your property; and most importantly will keep your family safe.
  • Loss Prevention Functions – It seems as if there is always someone waiting for the chance to make a buck at another person’s expense (i.e. counterfeit items and stolen identities). Private security ensures that such incidents are acted upon immediately and the occurrences of stolen identity will be minimized.
  • Private Investigator – Having a private investigator is important for businesses, especially when hiring new employees. Private investigators can perform background checks and gather necessary information about applicants so the business is confident in whom they are hiring.

Other types of private security services are listed below:

  • Corporate Security – Threats of terrorist attacks (computer-based or land-based) grow each day and corporations are easy targets. Security services can provide security officers, patrol, car park attendees, executive protection, body guards, and services such as fire hazard examinations and mail sorting.
  • Retail security – Small businesses are an easy target for theft, thus security service is essential. Security services offer CCTV monitoring services and other services including patrol; with these services, retail stores have the comfort in knowing security personnel are watching the establishment at all times.
  • Executive security – A well-known person or business is at great risk of threats. Private security will ensure that individuals and businesses are safe at all times.

How to find the right type of private security to offer

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Now that you know what options and services private securities offer, you can begin establishing private security firms in areas that need higher security. Consider everything your target market is looking for before you decide what services to offer; make sure you can provide what the market needs.

Figuring out what types of private security to offer can be cumbersome, but the rewards are priceless. Make a list of what other security firms offer and decide if you are interested in offering any of those same services. Offering the right services will give your customers confidence and peace of mind.

It’s important to understand how customers decide which security company will best meet their needs.

Here are some steps customers use in finding which company offers the best services.

  • Customers usually create a list of all the security agencies or government security facilities in their area. Make sure that your company is on that list.
  • Customers will inquire about the services offered and what is included in the security packages. Be prepared to share detailed information.
  • Have the best security devices available for your customers. Make sure to have an array of devices for the home, office, or anywhere else customers might need devices installed.
  • Be sure to have the capabilities to connect your security devices to the nearest police station. This way, the police can respond quickly when incidents occur.
  • Be careful in offering cheap devices. Most of the time, cheap technology will break down easily. Offer devices that are from reputable and legitimate sources.