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Strategies for small business social media marketing

Consumers use the Internet more than ever before to shop, to research products and to learn about the brands and businesses they use. It’s no longer an option for a business to have a website or a social media strategy. It’s a must. However, putting up a website and making social media profiles aren’t enough. You have to know how to use these online marketing tools correctly. What are the biggest mistakes business make online?


Social Media Mistakes

social media marketing

Small business social media marketing

Too often, businesses spread themselves too thin on social media. While it’s a good idea to establish yourself on as many networks as possible, that’s only an effective strategy if you have time to participate on those channels. If you don’t have the resources to dedicate someone solely to social media, focus on two or three channels that reach the greatest number of people in your target market.


Content Mistakes

If great content is king, keyword stuffed, SEO-only content is the court jester. Creativity is an essential element in creating readable, interesting, share-worthy content. Don’t give that up just to stuff a few more keywords. Thankfully, this is becoming less of a problem with Google’s constant algorithm updates. Make sure your content has educational or entertainment value for your site’s visitors.


Small Business Marketing strategies

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Website Mistakes

What’s the point of engaging in social media and creating good content? For most businesses, it is to point users to their website and convert those leads into sales. If your website is dull, you could be driving those leads away. Make sure your website is easy to navigate from all devices. Make it user-friendly. Keep an eye on your bounce rates as you make changes.


Are you making any of these mistakes? If so, it’s time to rethink your online marketing strategy to get the most out of your web presence this year.