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I got a call yesterday from a lady trying to sell me “the sponsorship deal of my life”. She is going on a trip to the US and is planning an electronic diary of her daily activities.

She said if I became one of her sponsors she will mention my business name each day in her posts.

The preposition on its own is not a bad one except for the fact that I fail to see how her post will benefit my business.

When I ask her what was going to be the benefit of her posting about my business on her blog, she responded that my target audience will see the post.

My follow up question was: how does she know my target audience?

How does she know that my problem right at this moment is lack of clients?

No she doesn’t because she did not ask me.

She informed me that she had thirteen thousand followers on social media and thousands of people reads her blog that at the time was yet to be created.

Yes you heard me right.

Her blog was yet to be created. It was because of her blog that I got to know her. I did an online search for a particular keyword phrase and her website came up. When I went to it, only a holding page surfaced.

I contacted her to inform her of what I had seen. She responded that her website was being worked on that it was going to be ready soon. So basically she was asking me to sponsor a blog that had no traffic.

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Effective Marketing Strategy is a Balancing Act

When I pointed that out to her, she responded that her thirteen thousand followers where on her guest blog posts and social media.

Here is the interesting part of the story, my Google factor and Klout score are 60 times higher than hers. Her Klout score is minus zero, my Klout score is 68 and she told me she was going to make me popular on social media.

It sounded to me like Hilary Clinton telling Obama during the primaries that he should become her vice presidential candidate when he had won more states than her.

But there is something very instructive about this story, it is something I will like you to take from it when you are marketing your business.

The first thing is she obviously had not done any research on me because if she did she would have known that my online presence trumps hers by a wide margin.

Secondly, she was trying to sell something to someone who obviously knows what she is selling better than her.

In a way this is how many small business owners market their products or services. It never fails to amaze me how businesses try to sell something to someone in this day and age without checking on the prospect they are trying to sell to.

All it requires is a few minutes of your time to check on someone before approaching them to make a sale.

Effective marketing is not about your ability to sell your product or service, it is about your ability to solve the problem of your prospect.

How can you solve someone problem if you do not know what the problem is?

This is simple marketing 101: know thy prospect.