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Oliver Wendell Holmes, jr. wrote: “when I want to understand what is happening today or try to decide what will happen tomorrow, I look back”

Winston Churchill said “The father backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”

With the advent of the internet, marketing as we knew it changed dramatically. Online marketing: social media marketing, email marketing and websites have changed the way people market their products and services.

The core question of their article is this: is present day marketing more effective than marketing a few decades ago as a result of all the toys we have at our disposal?

The answer to that will be it depends on the criteria of measurement. We are certainly capable of reaching more people with our marketing message then markers used to reach decades ago.

The cost of marketing is a lot more cost-effective than it was back then. However, this does not necessarily mean that our marketing results have improved in proportion to the amount of toys we have at our disposal.

So the question is: why is it that despite the fact that we have more marketing tools at our disposal than many of the great marketers of the past could even dream of, we have still not been able to increase our marketing results?

The answer is two words: marketing fundamentals.

Marketing fundamentals have not changed since Stone Age because human nature has remain constant. Today we all want what our ancestors wanted centuries ago.

How to market your business

Marketing with story

This means that the same marketing message that appealed to our ancestors when they lived in caves and had only leaves to cover themselves will appeal to the most sophisticated corporate executive in the City of London.

This is why my article today is about the great marketing legends of the past. Any small business owner serious about moving their business to the next level through effective marketing ought to study the great marketing legends of the past. Those guys still have a lot to teach us about marketing than any marketing training or course in university can teach us.

Any student of marketing will learn more about marketing in a short period of time from reading books written by those marketing legends than wasting four years of your time in Harvard, Oxford or any other university. Furthermore, you will get more from reading their books than you will get from the thousands of marketing books on the market presently.

Throughout this and next week, I am going to pick one of the marketing legends, dissect their contribution to the profession of marketing and business building and show you how you can apply those information to your current business growth and marketing efforts.

I will start with Albert Lasker tomorrow. The guy who received the famous “if you want to know what advertising” note.


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