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Demonstration the most effective form of marketing

Today’s Marketing Lessons from the Greatest Markers of All Times Part Four is going to focus on Claude Hopkins.

Claude Hopkins was the person who took over John E. Kennedy’s copywriting position when he left Lord and Thomas. Hopkins two books: “My Life in Advertising and Scientific Advertising” is amongst the all-time top five marketing books ever written.

As a measure of the level of awe marketing and advertising greats consider his works, advertising great David Ogilvy once said no one should have anything to do with advertising until they have read Claude Hopkins “My Life in Advertising” seven times.

Claude Hopkins contribution to marketing and advertising is as follows:

On the value of demonstration he said “No argument in the world can ever compare with one dramatic demonstration… The way to sell goods is to sell them. The way to do that is to sample and demonstrate. The more attractive that you can make your demonstration, the better it will be for you. The men who succeed in advertising are not highly bred, not the men careful to be unobtrusive and polite but the men who know what arouses enthusiasm in simple people, the reader may say this is sampling, it is scheming and merchandising, not dignified advertising as we know it. I have no sympathy with dignified and orthodox advertising. We are in the business to get results”.

On sampling he said: “It is an uphill work to sell goods and presenter in person without samples. The hardest struggle of my life has been to educate advertisers to the use of samples or to trials of some kind. Persuasion all alone is vastly more expensive. Selling without samples is many times as hard as with them. I learned this also from street fakers. They never try to sell things without demonstration. They showed in some dramatic way what the product they sold would do. It is amazing how many advertisers know less than those men about salesmanship. None but those who regard advertising as some magic dreamland will ever try to sell without sampling”.

Selling one on one

All your marketing need to feel like One-on-one selling

On Selling is one-on-one he said: “I urge that every inquirer should be treated like a prospect that came to his store. There I learned another valuable principle in advertising. In a wide reaching campaign, we are apt to regard people in the mass. We must get down to individuals. We must treat people in advertising as we treat them in person, center on their desires”.

On Curiosity he said: “No other activating factor compares with curiosity. Curiosity is one of the strongest of human incentives”.

On Selling causes resistance he said: “Not then or ever since have I‘ve asked for purchase. That is useless. I have simply offered service. I offered a privilege not an inducement. They appeared as a benefactor not as a salesman. I‘ve always applied the same principles to advertising. I never ask people to buy. The ads all offers servers; perhaps a free sample or a free package. They sound altruistic but they get a reading and get action from people seeking to serve themselves”.

On Knowing your market he said: “Let me digress here to say that the road to success lies through ordinary people. They form the vast majority. The man who knows them and is one of them stands a vastly better chance”.

About Tracking results he said: “this is my first experience with trace results. It taught me to stand for known compared returns that I‘ve urged them ever since. In no other way can real service reveal its advantage, doing anything blindly is folly”.

Story selling

Marketing copies need to tell all of your story

On the length of sales copy he used his Schlitz Beer campaign as an example: “Tell the story needing to be told… the campaign remains to this day one of my greatest accomplishments but it also gave me the basis for many other campaigns. Again and again I have told the simple facts common to all makers in the line but too common to be told. They‘ve given the article first aligned with them and exclusive and lasting prestige. The maker is too close to his product. He sees in his methods only the ordinary. He does not realize that the world at large might marvel at those methods and the facts which seem commonplace to him might give them vast distinction. Tell factor and features which others deem too commonplace to claim. The project will come to typify those excellences. We told just the same story that any rival could have told but all others thought the story was too commonplace”.

It was Claude Hopkins who took Schultz Beer from number five to number one is the US with his famous advertising that described the entire process of producing the beer.

If you are a small business owner or you are involved with marketing and advertising in any sharp or form, you need to study Claude Hopkins. He is responsible for many of the practices that take place in marketing and today.

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