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As was stated in part one of: Marketing Lessons From The Greatest Markers Of All Times, John E. Kennedy was the person who sent the famous note up to Albert Lasker and his boss. In a way, he was the one who laid the foundation for modern advertising.

After meeting with him, Albert Lasker recognising his talents, immediately hired him on the highest salary of any advertising personnel at the time. However, he did not hire him as a copywriter, even though he did some copywriting, his sole job was to teach Albert Lasker what advertising is.

John E. Kennedy created many advertising training program amongst which are: Reason Why Advertising, The Book of Advertising Tests and Intensive Advertising.


It was based upon his information that Albert Lasker went on to create the first copywriting school where he taught students how to write marketing collateral that sales.

John E. Kennedy’s principle of advertising is: “Instead of merely drawing customers to the store…an ad should say in print precisely what a good salesman would say face-to-face to a customer. Instead of general claims, pretty pictures, or jingles, an ad should offer a concrete reason why the product was worth buying, not charming or amusing or even necessarily pleasing to the  eye, a good ad was a rational, unadorned instrument of selling. True reason why copy is logic, plus persuasion, plus conviction, all woven into a certain simplicity of thought, pre-digested for the average mind so that it is easier to understand than to misunderstand it”.

It was based upon this principle that he created a few of the most memorable ads in the history of advertising.

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Kennedy’s most important contribution to marketing and advertising is the structure of copies. He instructed his copywriters to go into the minds of their readers. Marketer and marketing agencies have the tendency of viewing their marketing message through their own lens.

What Kennedy emphasise is viewing the message through the eyes of the consumer. He said: “They‘re just average Americans of good average intelligence, considerable shrewdness and large bumps of incredulity”.

Kennedy also introduced the concept of emotion and personality in ads. He advised that logic be interwoven with emotion and personality in any marketing massage.




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