Small businesses are always on the lookout for new, inexpensive ways to advertise their businesses.

A mistake that many small businesses make, however, is neglecting to reach part of their target market.

While most people today are on the web, online-only advertising methods will ignore key populations, such as young children, the elderly and those who work in jobs away from computer screens.

How do you reach everyone? A combination of print, online and in-person advertising works well for most small businesses.

Print Advertising

While many small businesses can be marketed primarily online, there are still those that rely heavily on print advertising.

Small businesses with a local focus, in particular, can benefit from print advertising.

Must-have print products include business cards, brochures and promotional products for networking at events.

Direct mail campaigns with a clear call to action are particularly effective, especially when they provide coupons, discounts or free samples.

Billboards, when placed strategically, can also increase business.

Online Advertising Using Social Media

There’s no denying that you have to be online if you want to succeed in the business marketplace.

Social media is one of the most powerful tools a business can yield, if used correctly.

With social media marketing, aggressive advertising methods need to be left at the door.

Focus on building relationships first and advertising second.

Blog posts and YouTube videos, especially tutorials, are useful to customers and can spread quickly through social networks.

Networking with Other Small Business Owners

Don’t forget about face-to-face contact.

If your business serves other small businesses, conferences, workshops and associations are a must.

Join your local Chamber of Commerce, and introduce yourself to other entrepreneurs and small business owners in the area.

This can work well with consumers, too.

If you own a bakery, for example, hold a workshop on baking cupcakes.

Dentists can hold workshops on improving dental health in children.

By using a combination of advertising methods, you protect yourself against risks from a campaign gone awry.

You’ll also reach a wider audience, and that’s good for any small business.

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