Using your website for Marketing

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Do you have a website?

Of course you do. These days even businesses that do not exist have a website.

What percentage of your customers come to you through your website?

This is a question the I usually sting my live audiences with that the majority struggle to answer.

The reason for that is most businesses view their website almost as a fashion statement. They do not understand that their website is their storefront.

The way they look at it is everyone in their industry has a website therefore they need to have a website too. As a small business, you need to view your website as your office or storefront.

Your website is the first and on many occasion the only point of contact between your business and your market.

Your website is more than a billboard or a leaflet, it is actually your office and your sales force. Like your office or your sales force, if your website sucks, your prospects immediately get the impression that your business sucks.

How to Attract Customers With Your Website

The first step to using your website as an effective marketing tool is the understanding that a website is only a tool. The website on its own cannot attract customers to your business. In order to make your website an effective marketing tool that will attract truckload of new customers to your business, you need to ensure you apply all other marketing fundamentals.

What are those marketing fundamentals?

The first of those marketing fundamentals is your marketing message. Your marketing message is two things: your USP and your offer.

I am sure as a small business owner, you have heard about USP, therefore, I am not going to belabour you with the concept of a USP. Just in case you have not heard my definition of a USP let me briefly state it:

Your USP is basically what differentiates you from your competitors and the gap you are filling in the marketplace with your existence.

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Online Marketing

Your USP is also your offer. Your offer is a bait you give prospects to come to your business. It is also the thing that your business brings to the marketplace.

When someone visits your website, in a few seconds they need to be able to see in a sentence the benefit they will derive from using your product or service.

This is where most businesses fall short. When someone goes to their website, they are unable to see the thing their products or service can do to improve the life of that person.

The second step in using your website as an effective marketing tool is to drive traffic to your website. Most business create a website and think that by virtue of the fact that they have a website, prospects are going to flood to it.

What you need to understand in this section is this: your competitors also have website. So why should your website show up in the search engine instead of your competitor’s website?

If you like your website to show up in the search engines above that of your competitors, you need to make deliberate effort to drive attract to it. There are lots of different ways of driving website traffic including but not limited to:


Paid for traffic (PPC)

Social media traffic

Article traffic

Video traffic

There are tons of strategies for effectively using your website as a marketing tool. The above info are just two of the ways. However, no doubt they are the most effective ways.

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