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Good marketing design needs to sell itself

Almost all small business has a website. However, not all small business derive any form of benefit from their website i.e attract customers.

Some of the website have really high traffic but they do not convert the traffic.

Conversion is marketing speak for getting prospects to take action.

So why do the majority of website fail to convert?

The answer is simple, those websites were not designed from the start to convert.

Many small businesses view their website and marketing collateral as design function.

What small business owners do not realise is website design is not a design function, it is marketing function.

Neither is the design of any of your marketing collateral a design function.

Marketing needs first to decide how the design is going to appear before giving instruction to designers.

Your average website designer has no knowledge about the best places to locate items on a website to make it serve it purpose.

A good marketing design has to start first and foremost with the objective of the piece.

The question that first needs to be answered before designing any piece is: what action do you want your prospect to take when they come to your website or encounter any of your marketing collateral.

It is only after you have answered this question should you begin designing the piece.


Rules for Good Marketing Design

designing to sell

An example of complicated marketing design

The following are rules to follow to ensure your design achieve its objective:

Rule number one: the design needs to be simple. Simplicity is the hallmark of great design

Rule number two: repetition of key elements of the design. The structure, colour and font needs to be repeated throughout the design. Designs with lots of different fonts and colour confuse instead of inform.

Rule number three: make use of contrast. You need to ensure the dominant elements of the design are visible to your prospects.

Rule number four: Align text to the left. In the western world, we read from left to right. Therefore, your design cannot got against this pattern. Your design needs to follow natural reading pattern.

Rule number five: do not use more than three of any element. Do not use more than three colours, font size or font style. Try as much as possible to stick to three or less than three of any of your design elements.

Rule number six: have balance. Ensure you have balance in the amount of text and images. What this means is you should not have more of anything than necessary.

Do not have more image that necessary and do not have more text than necessary.

Rule number seven: theme group of elements. What this means is you need to group your design elements in logical sequence.

As a small business owner, you might think to yourself, you do not need to learn anything about design, you can outsource all of your marketing design.

The problem with this is, how do you know the design you are getting back is good design if you yourself do not know what is good design.

Maybe your website is not designed to convert well, have you ever thought of that?


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