If you are content marketing as part of your small business marketing plan you more than likely have a goal of increasing your business sales.

However, business growth is not going to show until later down the line if you only monitor your sales.

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Therefore, today we are going to show you various ways to tell if your content marketing strategy for your small business is going to be successful or unsuccessful right from the start.

Monitor Your Traffic

Traffic is one of the main ways that you can determine if your content marketing efforts are going down the right road.

When you write, your goal is to get the maximum amount of people to see your content. Getting a decent amount of people to see your content is going to be based on the pages search engine rank, your email subscription size, the number of people who follow you on social media, and a few other factors.

The good news is it is easy to monitor your traffic.

Once you have published your content you can check Google Analytics to see just how many page views it is receiving and if it is not published on your site you can always track your referral traffic.

If you find that not much traffic is coming to your content, you are going to have to work on improving the marketing contents to increase the traffic.


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Monitor Your Readers Engagement

Engagement is another indicator as to whether or not your content marketing strategy is working. This is the next thing you should check after checking your traffic.

Any marketing agency in London can tell you that monitoring engagement is very important.

You will want to go back to Google Analytics and see how long your visitors are interacting with your marketing content and take note of how many comments and social shares are being left.

If your engagement is dry, consider making sure the marketing content is in an easy to read format and has eye catching titles and sub headings.

Monitor Social Shares

Social shares are a good way to know if your online marketing in London is going to work too. You will want to make sure that you see how many likes, tweets, and plus one’s that you have gotten on your marketing content.

If you have social share buttons already on your page, it is very easy to analyze how often your readers are sharing your marketing content across social media channels.

If you want, deeper analytics about your social influence consider using software such as Simply Measured.



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Monitor Backlinks

If you have backlinks to your marketing content, your content marketing strategy is definitely on a road to success.

Usually, people are not going to link to marketing content unless they find it to be informative and authoritative.

Having backlinks to your content not only is going to boost your small business website traffic but it will also help your website become more authoritative with Google.

However, keep in mind that you only want backlinks from legitimate, credible websites. You can easily monitor your backlinks by using Google Webmaster Tools.

Bottom Line

When you start content marketing it is important to check how your marketing content is working way before sales start coming in so you know what needs to be changed and what is working well.

By doing so you will be able to make sure that, your social media marketing in London efforts is a success instead of a failure.


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