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There are two basic types of advertising that are utilized today. These are brand advertising and direct response marketing.

Brand advertising is generally the most popular among big corporations with enormous marketing budgets.

However, when it comes to those small businesses that have a limited budget, utilizing direct response marketing is often the preferable solution.



Most small businesses quickly discover that direct response marketing is the most cost effective marketing form.

However, careful preparation in direct response marketing campaigns is critical in order to make the most of your marketing investment.

Most importantly, small businesses must recognize that there are multiple types of direct response marketing that should be considered with the particular factors and circumstances of the small business.



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With direct response marketing, small businesses receive more bang for their buck. Every penny of a direct response marketing budget is accountable for drawing in more lucrative gains through leads, customers and of course sales.

Whether the direct response marketing form being employed is direct mail, infomercials, or newspaper ads, it is a successful and worthwhile launch pad for the promotion of any small business.


Increase in Sales

When the limited resources of a small business are managed correctly regarding direct response marketing, increase in sales is inevitable.

The success of a campaign can be accurately judged by the analysis of the response.

If a small business remains vigilant about testing their marketing strategy, targeted audiences will expand which ultimately leads to an increase in sales.

Direct response marketing is an effective course of action for increasing sales with existing customers as well as prospective ones. It provides small businesses with invaluable opportunities to build customer loyalty.

A direct response marketing campaign can assist in the reestablishment of customer relationships that have unfortunately lapsed over the course of time. This can potentially generate new business.


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