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An example of a benefit oriented product name

The other day I went to watch PHILOMENA starring Judi Dench.
PHILOMENA is a classic film.
Great story line, good screenplay and superb performance.

Yet what bother during the entire experience was the cinema was empty. We were about 10 people in the entire cinema.

At the end of the film I kept thinking to myself through my marketing mind, what could they have done to arise audience curiosity?

PHILOMENA is not the only film I have gone to watch in which the cinema was empty.


May be I have bad taste?

I don’t think so!

Almost all of the films I go to watch either win an Oscar or gather lots of nominations.

So what is the problem?

I think the problem with most films is the naming of the films.

Those guys in Hollywood and film producing industries have still not warmed up to the fact that the name of a product or service has significant impact on its level of success.

There are two types of successful films:

There are the adaptations from popular books or events that are already well known to the cinema going audiences and there are those well named films that attract audience because of their names.

Marketing strategies

Branding vs Direct Response Marketing

The majority of summer blockbusters have very long name that tell the audience what the films are about.

Nollywood, the Nigerian film industry has come from nowhere to become the second most popular film industry in the world beating Bollywood and Hong Kong.

One of the keys to their success is the naming of their films.

As entrepreneurs and small business owner, it is very important that we understand the role name plays in the success or failure of our products or services.

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners fall for the cute name syndrome. Cute names are good if you have billions to spend on branding.

However, as an entrepreneur or small business owner, it is essential that you understand that cute names don’t sell.

Every name you choose for your product or service as an entrepreneur or small business owner needs to contain a benefit, rhyme and alliteration.

Remember, name changing is a very expensive process so you need to ensure you get it right in the first instant.

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