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Branding vs Direct Response Marketing

Many small businesses have an operating system to ensure their delivery process is faultless. However, the majority of small businesses lack the most important system they need to succeed: a marketing system.

Their marketing process is haphazard, there is no means of measurement and no means of making cost benefit analysis.

It’s impossible to determine the success or failure of a marketing campaign if there are no mechanism for measuring your marketing results.

And you cannot measure your marketing results if you do not have a marketing system.

Many small businesses engage in branding because that what is sold to them by timid marketing agencies.

As a small business owner, you need to understand that the only person who benefit from branding is the marketing agency selling it to you.

You get to pay them upfront, while you sit and hope that splashing lots of dots on the wall will result in marketing success for you.

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Small business marketing system

Every small business owner needs to understand that branding does not work for a small business.

Except you have a billion pounds to spend, do not even think about branding it will not work for you as a small business.

The most effective type of small business marketing is direct response marketing. And in order to solicit response from your marketing campaign, it needs to be measured.

You cannot measure your marketing if it is not systematised. This is why it is very essential that small businesses have marketing system.

Without a marketing system to measure your marketing results, it will be as good as gambling with your money.


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