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Is marketing not working or is your marketing strategies not working

This morning on the BBC News website, I saw a report about how Japanese mothers prepare lunchboxes for their children.

In Japan, the preparation of lunchbox is an art.

It is not about slice of bread with cheese or bacon as we do in the West, Japanese mothers put the time and energy into ensuring their children lunchbox is fit for purpose.

What does the phrase ‘fit for purpose’ mean in this regard?

Well the goal of preparing the lunchbox is to get their children to eat their lunch. What I noticed when watching the report was all the children did eat their lunch.

There was no child saying they did not want to eat.

The children were anxious to see what their parents have prepared for them.

Parents even attend classes to learn how to design the perfect lunchbox for their children. (Link to the footage: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-16069217)

What can small business owners learn from Japanese mothers?

For a start Japanese mother achieve their objective of getting their children to eat their lunch.

Many small business owners are struggling to attract new customers.

If you ask the average small business owner why he is struggling to attract new customer, he will respond that marketing does not work.

marketing for small business

Effective small business marketing strategies

Is it marketing that does not work or is it his marketing strategies that does not work?

When you go to fish, you do not put potato on your hook. You put worms because fish like worms.

When you want to attract customers, you give them what they want not what you have to sell.

The majority of small business owners try to sell their customers their products or services instead of selling their customers what they want and need.

Until you stop selling what you have to sell and start selling what people want to buy, your marketing campaigns will not work.

Many children don’t like eating. Or rather many parents struggle to get their children to eat.

Their solution is to force feed the children or considering it a medical problem when all they need to do is create an art to persuade their children to eat.

I hope they take lessons from Japanese mothers.

As a small business owner, if you cannot attract all the customers you want, instead of complaining that marketing does not work, you want to check if you are selling your customer what they want to buy and if your bait look appetising enough.

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