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Last week I visited Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford, London. Many schools were in recess so some businesses that sold children related merchandise took the opportunity to display their products.

One of the businesses showing off their gadgets at the mall was a company called Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo 3DS sells video games and other children related toys and gadgets.

When we visited their stand at the mall, I noticed children queuing up to sample their games.

My son decided he wanted to play too.

We were in the stand for about two and the half hours. As I waited for my son, being a marketer, my marketing brain immediately kicked in.

I began to ask myself what can I learn from our time there.

Upon paying close attention to activities in the stand, I noticed the staff had clickers they were using to count the kids moving from one game to the next.

However, besides the clicker, I did not notice any other form of measurement. There was no surveying of the children or their parents.

Children went into the stand played for as long as they wanted and left.

Curious I asked one of the staff what data were they collecting.

Small Business Marketing Strategies

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He told me that they were only counting children that played each game.

“Are you not collecting any other data” I asked?

“No” he responded.

“So what are you going to do with just the numbers of children that played each game?”

“I don’t know” was his response.

If you can tell me why they send staff to work without explaining to them the objective of the task I will like to know.

But that is for another article.

My thing here is Nintendo 3DS wasted the opportunity to collect valuable marketing data they could have used to improve their products, gain affinity with their customers and understand their target market.

First of all they should have collected the ages of the children.

They could have also collected their places of residence

Whether they are new of repeat customers

Their hobbies etc.

Lots of different statistic that could have been useful to them in the future.

Instead they spent thousands of pounds to collect very limited information.

There is an important lesson for all small business owners.

The lesson is this: your marketing efforts cannot succeed if you do not have the right metric of measurement.

You will not be able to measure the effectiveness of your marketing if you are collecting the wrong data.

Marketing is about test, test and test. Your test results cannot be accurate if you are testing the wrong things.

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