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Small business marketing Strategies with Free Apps

I went to a phone shop yesterday to review my mobile phone contact. One of the features I told the customer service rep I needed was the ability to call 0800, 0845, 0870 basically all of the 08 numbers.

He asked me why I needed the features?

I responded that I get charged when I make calls those numbers.

He asked “haven’t heard of an app called WeQ4U”?

“No I have not I” responded.

“Well you need to download it, it is free and with it you can call all of those numbers for free”.

It was breaking news to me.

This morning I wanted to call Paypal, I was told I will be charged £0.14 per minute. My mind went to the app, I downloaded it and I made my call without paying the £0.14 per minute.

This is an example of how we small business owners waste our profit on services we could get for free.

I will no longer need to pay for 08 numbers again. The guy even told me about an alternative to Skype called Line that I have not heard off.

Digital Marketing

Online Marketing with free Apps

I consider myself a pretty tech savvy guy. Most of what I do is done online. So I said to myself, if I have not heard of those services, imagine the thousands of techno phobia small business entrepreneurs out there.

From now on I am going to be searching for more apps I can use that will prevent me spending unnecessary money.

I will advise you do the same. I bet there are lots of services you are currently paying for that you could get for free if you knew the right app.

List down all of the online services you are currently paying for and just Google alternative to them, you will be surprise what you find.


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