How many hours per day do you work? Or the right question might be how many hours per day do you actually work?

Many of us self-employed and small business owners claim to work twelve fifteen hours per day.

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Do we really work for twelve to fifteen hours per day or are we just in our place of business twelve to fifteen hours per day?

There is a difference between activity and productivity.

Simply because you are at your place of business does not necessarily mean you are being productive.

Being at your place of business is just what it means being at your place of business.

You are productive when the activity you are engaged in is moving you towards a desired outcome.

Fully 95% of small business owners are very unproductive. We engage in lots of activities but we do not product results.

The main reason for that is the majority of small business owners are constantly tired. We work so hard we do not give ourselves the chance to rejuvenate.

In order to be productive, you need to work smart not hard.

You could work a quarter of the time you currently work and produce quadruple the result you are currently producing if you know how to work smart instead of hard.

Part of working smart is to constantly take breaks between tasks.

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So instead of slugging it out for hours none stop, you could work for two hours solid, break, work for another two hours break and another two hours then stop and do something entirely different from what you have been working on.

You cannot be productive if you are not attentive. To be attentive you need to constantly rejuvenate.

If you do not constantly renew your energy you will not be productive.

We have only twenty-four hours in a day. As of this writing, someone is yet to figure out a way of increasing the amount of hours.

Therefore, you can never get more time but you can get more energy to put into the time you have.



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