Dental practice need marketing system

Dental Practice Growth & Marketing System

The majority of small business owners think that their role in their business is the deliverables.

This thinking process is especially prevalent amongst professional small business owners such as doctors, lawyers, dentists, accountants or restaurateurs.

This is because they have not transcended the employee mentality they were given at school.

As the owner of a small business, your core function is leadership and idea generation.

What does that mean?

It means because you are a dentist does not mean you have to be the one extracting teeth.

When you work as an employee in a dental practice, you can occupy yourself with teeth extraction.

However, when you own a dental practice, your core function is mobilising people to extract teeth.

This is a simple yet important distinction that the majority of small business owners miss.

Small business marketing demonstration

Small Business Growth & Marketing is where success lies not in the doing

As the owner of a small business, your main job is:

  • To set the direction of the business
  • Device and implement growth plan
  • Recruit the right staff
  • Create the vision of the business
  • Be the marketer in chief

It is very important that you understand that there is a difference between your profession and your business.

If you own a law firm, you need to understand that there is a difference between the profession of law and the business of law.

Understanding this difference will determine the level of success you achieve with your small business.


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