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In my last article, I quoted a profound statement made by Opher Brayer an Israeli talent coach at Eben Pagan’s Advance Learning Technology.

He said: “if you are not well trained, you will never be free”.

What a profound statement.

My friends always ask me why don’t I go and run my business in the US. It has bigger market and I did my marketing training in the US.

My response to them is always: competition is fiercer in the US than in the UK or the rest of Europe. Around Europe I could sit on any panel of the smartest people and hold my own.

In the US, I will not even be given a seat at the table. If I managed to slip myself to the table, I will be the stupidest person on the panel.

I attend mastermind and networking meetings in the US. When you are in the room brainstorming with other small business owners, the kind of ideas they come up with will blow your mind.

You are left wondering how can those types of brilliant ideas come from someone mind.

Small wonder the Googles, Facebooks or Twitters managed to accomplish what many businesses took years to accomplish.

The owners of Google or Facebook are not daft entrepreneurs who just got lucky.

Those guys are really smart and well trained.

Those guys read a book a week and constantly attend different training.

The majority of small business owners stopped reading the moment they left school. Many small business owners have never read a single books since they graduated from high school or university.

Marketing to attendees at success seminar London

Small Business Marketing Strategies: Crowd gathered at success seminar London

Many small business owners never attended a single seminar or workshop since they left school.

It is impossible to succeed as a small business owner in the 21 century marketplace if you are not constantly improving your skill level.

What you do not know will hurt you. The books you do not read will not help you.

You cannot succeed in the 21 century marketplace with 19th century skillset. The amount of information available to small business owners these days are unbelievable.

As a small business owner, you need to constantly update yourself with changes taking place in your industry. Being constantly acquainted with changes in your industry will give you massive competitive advantage.

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