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Effective Marketing Strategy is a Balancing Act

I recently got hold of Jay Abraham’s Super Seminar 2013. A friend of mind bought it and we agreed to split the cost. My friend sold it to me as this great information gold mine that I was going to extract lots of gems from.

I have managed to just about get through the first day. I am not too sure how many more hours of his rumbling I am willing to tolerate but I will see. This is the fourth Jay Abraham training I have watched. The other three I switched them off in the middle because I had had enough.

The worst one was the one he did with Rich Schefren. Both of them were on the stage rumbling things that only they understood. Rich is a very smart and analytical guy but a terrible trainer.

Here he was doubling up with Jay Abraham himself a terrible trainer you can imagine the outcome. And they both confessed that they had not prepared the training before hand, they were going to wing it as they move along.

Jay always says the same thing during his trainings, he had not prepared, he did not even know the information on his powerpoint slides he just explained them as the popped up.

What does Jay Abraham have to do with your marketing?

Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing Strategy

Well Jay is a very brilliant marketer one of the best in the world. Yet when he gets on stage to teach, he is so terrible.

The only reason for that is he never prepare beforehand for his trainings.

If you have been a follower of Steve Jobs, you will know that he was one of the best presenter and marketer of all times. But he was not born this brilliant presenter, he learnt it.

When Steve Jobs was preparing to unveil one of Apple’s products, he will take weeks preparing hours each day for the occasion. It was said that there were times when he will hours getting a single sentence right.

If you have any question about how he was able to sell billions of pounds worth of products that is your answer.

He was prepared.

Whether it was Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or Richard Branson, these guys are obsessed with preparation. They do not leave anything to chance. Every time they are out they understand that it is a performance and they cannot afford to screw it up.

Andy Murray positioned himself

Good Marketing Preparation Pays off

How prepared are you when you meet your clients or prospects?

When you have an appointment with a prospect, do you Google to know more about them before meeting them?

Do you check on their business to ensure your offer suit them?

Many small business owners are too lazy to research their prospects as a result they are unable to craft an irresistible offer for them.

Effective marketing is about understanding your prospects problems better than they understand it themselves.

It is impossible to understand your prospects problems if you do not research them, or you do not know their industry.

As a small business owner, good preparation can give you a huge advantage over bigger companies despite their massive resources because you have access to information they might not have access to.

They depend on outside agencies and unmotivated staff to do their research for them. You as the small business owner know you cannot afford an outside agency or staff.

So what should seem a disadvantage to you can become an advantage if you are prepared.

The likes of Jay Abraham were able to fake it until they made it years ago when there were less competition. In the internet age, you cannot fake it, you will be found out sooner than you expect.

Brad Sugar, the founder of Action Coach International once said “when you get what you are looking for, you better be prepared”.


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