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I spent a large part of my day today calling lawyers because a friend of mind has some legal issues.

I do marketing for lawyers so I have a lot of legal clients, but I try to keep my personal issues away from my clients.

A psychiatric cannot be telling his patients that at the end of the day he goes home and swallow a bottom of anti-depressant too.

You might be wondering there are lots of law firms right?

And I am willing to pay for the services so why did it take me the entire day to find a lawyer?

The answer is simple I did not feel confident in most of the lawyers I spoke to.

As I previously stated, I do marketing for professionals, lawyers, dentist, doctors, accountants and restaurateurs.

The main objection I face when I call lawyers to market my services to them is always marketing does not work.

The reason they give is when they expend resources on marketing, the return on investment they receive is not correlated to the amount spent.

Small business marketing

Small Business Marketing Strategies

The main question is why don’t many small businesses achieve return on investment for their marketing expenditures?

The answer lies in a single word: conversion.

You see, effective small business marketing is about two things:

Lead generation

Lead conversion

Most small businesses focus their resources on lead generation without spending anything on lead conversion.

What do I mean by this?

A small business spends money on advert, website and other lead generation methods.

When the phones begin to ring, like it happened to me today, they have untrained staff on the other end of the phone with no ability and in some cases no willingness to convert the leads.

I could not believe what I was hearing today when I called the law firms. There were some receptionist who were boarding on the point of rudeness.

They were just not interested in attracting clients.

Marketing strategies in London

Marketing & Selling in London

And the majority of law firms are struggling. Many law firms will not survive pass this year if they did, and they do not merge or find some type of investment, many will be out of business by next year.

Yet they are repelling clients able and willing to give them money.

Conversion in marketing is the ability of the small business to convert prospects clients. However, prospect conversion requires the small business making conscience effort to respond positively to enquiries.

In order to be able to respond positively to enquires, a small business needs to build the right internal infrastructure.

Small business marketing is not just about placing the ad but also building the mechanisms to respond to enquiries.

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