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Small business marketing Strategies

There can never be a better time to own a private security firm.

This is the golden age of the private security industry.

But without the requisite technique and strategy, private security firms will be unable to take advantage of the opportunity.

  • There is the ever increasing threat caused by terrorist
  • Increased threat of cyber attack
  • Increase identity theft
  • Increase crime wave as a result of the economic crisis
  • Organised crime is on the rise
  • Even corporation to corporation trade secret theft is on the rise

Furthermore, the role of private security have changed. It is no longer just about a body at the entrance. Private security is now an integral part of any business operation.

With the increased role of private security in business operations, why do so many security companies struggle?

Private security firms continue to struggle because the private security industry have not changed its modus operandi to meet the challenges of the new security environment and take advantage of the opportunities.

Private security firms need to realise that they cannot navigate the new security environment with old operational tactics and strategies.


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