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Opher Brayer a talent coach from Israel who was one of the speakers at Eben Pagan’s Advance Learning Technology said something really profound during his presentation.

He said: “If you are not well trained, you will never be free”

Like most profound statements, until someone really go deep into the inner layers of the message, they will not understand the deeper meaning of it.

One of the most popular statements in the personal development world is: you are what you think about.

On the surface there is really nothing to this statement until you look around and see that we are all living out thought. Successful people are successful because they think about success all day long. While those who fail do so because that’s what they think about every single minute of the day.

The same can be said of the statement: if you are not well trained you will never be free.

I spoke to a friend of mine yesterday who said she was about to lose her job. I asked her what she was going to do next, she replied look for another job.

I asked her why were they getting rid of her, she responded that her company is planning to transfer her job to Europe or Asia because labour is cheaper there.

She is my friend so I am at liberty to level with her.

I asked her what lessons did she learn from the situation. She responded that business owners are ruthless creatures who do not care about their employees.

I explained to her that the bigger lesson she needed to learn was that she was dispensable. If she was indispensable to the business, they were not going to make the decision to move her job abroad.

She contested that it has nothing to do with her. They only made the decision because it is cheaper to pay someone in India.

She did not get the point I was making and I knew she was never going to get it so I decided to leave her in her misery.

This is how the majority of workers think.

They think their job is to show up at work and do what they are told. They do not understand that succeeding in the 21 century workplace requires that each individual build their personal brand within their workplace.

Personal Branding

Personal Branding is putting humanity into your work

A few months ago, the story was told by all the major news organisations around the world of ‘the elevator girl’ a Filipino lift attendant who became famous because of her attitude at work.

She is not the manager of the mall, neither did she do something extra ordinary. All she did was bring some humanity into her work. To demonstrate that she is not just a machine…she is human.

Do you think the mall will ever fire the elevator girl? She probably makes more money than the mall manager.

Building your personal brand requires that you take your personality into your job. Don’t just show up at work and do what you are told.

You cannot build a personal brand in that manner, you need to be different even in the mist of sameness.

Develop yourself.

The majority of people have never attended any form of training as side from their formal education or job related training.

In the 21 century workplace, you cannot be free to make choices if you are not well trained. If you only depend on your school certificates or on the job training, you will never be able to build a personal brand.

Personal branding is about your personal story. To have a personal story to tell, you need to have a personal story…I mean you need to be well trained.

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