Dental practice need marketing system

Dental Practice without a Marketing System

Last Saturday I lodged at one of the hotel Ibis in Manchester. While stood at the reception waiting to be served, I overheard one of the receptionists speaking to a caller trying to book fifty blocks of rooms.

After the gentleman on the other side of the line gave his request to the receptionist, he checked for the availability of those dates and responded that those days where indeed available.

He advised him to call back the following day and speak to the contract manager.

Why are the receptionists not trained or authorised to deal with block bookings or at least be able to contact the contract manager in the event of such requests I will never know.

What amazed me was his response to another question the called posed.

He asked if he could book for breakfast and dinner for the fifty people for three days. The receptionist responded that it was impossible.

He explained that it was going to be difficult for the chef to cater for fifty people in addition to catering for the other guess lodging at the hotel on those days.

When the caller impressed upon him the importance of having food, he suggested they went to the city centre to eat.

He explained that the city centre was just a walking distance away from the hotel.

Firstly, not only might the caller not call back if he managed to get another hotel that was available for those dates, but even if they were to book the rooms, the hotel will be losing on the income from the food.

Imagine how much the hotel would have made from catering for those fifty people twice a day for three days.

Budget hotels like those make profit from their overpriced food. The hotel lost the income simply because they did not train their staff adequately to respond to such requests.

Most importantly, they did not have a system in place to handle such requests.

Many small businesses lose lots of revenue because of inadequate system.

I sometimes do cold call. Because my target market is professional firms: dentist, layers, doctors and accountants, I usually cold call those businesses.

every private medical practice needs a marketing system

Overworked doctor without private medical practice marketing system

Many times when I call some practices, the receptionist will say they had enough patients or clients, therefore did not need additional clients.

Meanwhile, it is the owner doctors, lawyers, dentists or accountants who have to work ten to fifteen hours a day just to make payroll.

As long as those receptionists got paid at the end of the month, they will careless if the practice generated enough cash to fund the operations. For them additional patients or clients means additional work for them.

For them going to work sitting at the reception playing angry bird on their phones the entire day or chatting with their mates on Facebook is more fun than additional revenue for the practice.

This is not because they are bad, it is because the majority of those practice have no system in place. The vision of the business…if there is one, is never communicated to them, so they view their role as just showing up and taking phone call or ushering in patients or clients.

It never occurs to them that the practice needs clients or patients to remain solvent and that without marketing they cannot achieve that.

As a small business owner, you need to understand that you cannot be everywhere at every time in your business. There are lots of times you will have to depend on your frontline staff to fulfil your vision.

You need to be aware of the fact that as a small business owner many of your staff do not care whether your business succeed or fail.

accounting firm marketing system

All accounting firms need a good marketing system

Furthermore, because it’s humanly impossible to constantly look over their shoulders, you need an effective business system to monitor their activities.

A business without an effective marketing and operation systems is a business that is certain to fail or continue to struggle. At the very least that business can never be great.

Every business needs a marketing and operation system to succeed. It is my hope that you see the value of system in your business and endeavour to create an effective system in your business.


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