The changing retail environment. Are retailers prepared for the changes

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Blockbuster and shoe shop Barratts are the latest big name retailers to call in the administrator.

Both Blockbuster and shoe shop Barratts have called in the administrators previously.

Why were both retailers forced to call in the administrators again?

If this question was posed to owners and senior executives of both retailers, they will place the blame on difficult trading conditions.

However, is difficult trading conditions responsible for the demise of Blockbuster and Barratts shoes and other retailers forced to call in the administrators?

I will suggest no.

Blockbuster and Barratts shoes like most retailers are struggling because they fail to realise that the retail environment has changed.

With BskyB, Netflix and Odeon continuously changing their service provision, how can Blockbuster survive in the video rental market?

The increase in online shopping means even shoes can be bought online. Why should someone want to go into a shoe store to buy shoe?

These are the questions Blockbuster and Barratts shoes and the majority of struggling retailers are failing to answer.

In the new retail environment, a retail store needs to exist for more than just selling merchandise. All the merchandise in retail stores can be found on Amazon, eBay and other online platforms.

So why should Blockbuster and Barratts shoes and other retail stores exist when shoppers can easily buy everything they need from the comfort of their living rooms?

That is the question retailers need to answer if they want to survive the new retail environment.

Until Blockbuster and Barratts shoes answer this question, they will keep calling in the administrators.

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