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Les Brown In London

Last Saturday I attended Success Seminar 2012. At last I had the chance to see one of my mentors Less Brown live. I also had the opportunity to see Brendon Burchard the founder of the expert academy whose work I have been following for a long time.

Watching people I have been following for years was a different experience. It’s almost most like attending a live musical concert. Even though you might have listened to a certain musician for a long time, seeing him/her live is a completely different experience.

What does Success Seminar 2013 have to do with marketing your small business?

A lot!

Besides the experience of watching my mentor live, I also had the opportunity of watching professional markers ply their trades. One of the key reasons for the failure of many small businesses and the core reason all small businesses remain small is the inability of their founders to market/sell.

The majority of small business owner, especially professional entrepreneurs such as doctors, lawyers, dentist or accountants resent anything to do with sales or marketing.

Ironically, if there is a single thing successful entrepreneurs have in common is their ability to market/sell. Therefore, being at the event was an opportunity to watch first-hand the benefit of knowing how to market/sell.

Market Segmentation

Market strategies of success seminar

Small Business Marketing : Rushing at Success Seminar 2013

When I arrived and noticed the crowd, my first inclination was the organisers were not going to recoup their expenses. However, by the time the final speaker was off the stage and I saw the amount of people that rush to the back of the room the purchase products, my perception changed.

What even shocked me was how the final speaker managed to persuade hundreds of people to rush to the back of the room to purchase products. The guy could not even string two words of English together in a sentence yet he managed to persuade people to buy.

I could not believe what I was seeing. For all I know those guys were selling snake oil. Yet they succeeded in persuading hundreds of supposing smart people to part with their money.

There are a few marketing lesson many small business owners can learn from what they did.

The first lesson is: understanding your target market. Those guys understand their target market therefore spoke to them in language that resonated with them.

I attended the event with a lady. Even though I was sat next to her enlightening her on the strategies being used, she still managed to sneak away from me to secretly buy one of the products.

After I have explained to her it is snake oil. For me it was the power of the guy’s ability to be persuasive.


Small Business Marketing Lesson

Marketing to attendees at success seminar London

Small Business Marketing Strategies: Crowd gathered at success seminar London

If you own a small business and you want to learn how to market your business, attending this type of event will be a great free marketing lesson as long as you ensure you leave your wallet at home.

If those guys are capable of persuading hundreds of really struggling people to part with their hard-earned cash, think about how effective your marketing will be if you knew how to sell like them.

You as an accountant, lawyer, doctor, dentist or small business owner is selling something legitimate. If you are able to adapt their marketing strategies to your business, your business will skyrocket.

I am not suggesting you do what they do. You only need to learn the process and apply it to marketing your private medical practice, dental practice, law or accounting firm.

As a small business owner, you will not be able to grow your business without the ability to market /sell. It is my hope that you internalise this simple but essential business building fact.


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