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Having a clear picture of your business and your goals for the near future is essential to having a successful business.

While some people jump into a business with no clear path in mind, this is not sustainable.

You won’t know if your efforts are successful unless you have concrete goals and objectives.

Follow the tips below to begin working on your marketing plan for this year.


Get Organized

The first thing you need to do is gather the essential documents and get yourself organized.

You’ll need financial reports and sales figures from the past few years.

You’ll need a list of all your products and services as well as information on the geographic area, your competitors, demographics and current trends.

Using this information, you’ll create a clear, concise and reasonable market plan to help you meet your business goals for the next year.


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Identify Threats and Opportunities

A marketing plan isn’t meant to blow smoke and make it seem as if everything is going according to plan.

Every business has threats, and each one has opportunities as well.

Identify trends that work in your favor as well as those that work against you.

Identify your competitive threats as well as the areas where you are stronger than your competitors.

Finally, examine the demographics of your target market to find out if they’re working in your favor or not.

Write all of these down in your marketing plan.



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Create Goals

Next, you’ll create your marketing objectives.

Set modest goals to start, particularly if yours is a new business.

Limit the number of goals to keep them manageable.

A typical goal may be to increase sales of a certain product by 20% in the coming year.

If your goal is to expand your social media presence, you may set an objective of gaining 15% more followers.

After you’ve created your marketing plan, put it into practice.

Review it regularly to ensure that you’re on your way to meeting your goals.


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