Any business success boils down to four variables: The Owner Your people Your marketing Your system Your business model       This article is about the qualities you the business owner, needs to success in your entrepreneurial adventure. My decision to write about qualities required to become a successful entrepreneur is predicated on the… Read More

Every business person needs to read ‘Threshold Resistance’, by Alfred Taubman. It will be especially helpful for entrepreneurs who are stuck. ‘Threshold resistance’, is simply those invisible barriers that are preventing you from achieving your business objectives. The threshold resistance in your business right at this moment could be: Inability to make sales No or… Read More

What are the components of a good business story? I am not sure where I read the statement by a successful entrepreneur that most overnight success takes about twenty years. When people see a successful business venture, they have no idea the amount of effort that was exerted to achieve that success.      … Read More

When someone visits your website for the first time, what are they greeted with? Are they greeted with one of those boring…we do this and that text? Are you aware that prior to visiting your website, the person already know what you do? In most instances, they were directed to your website because of the… Read More

In the second article, we talked about Eugene Schwartz market levels of sophistication.       We said that businesses make the fatal mistake of marketing to prospects without taking into account their level of sophistication.       Effective marketing requires you understand your prospects’ level of sophistication to be able to sell to… Read More

  In his book ‘Breakthrough Advertising’, legendary marketer Eugene Schwartz wrote about the five levels of market sophistication. Level 1: Market sophistication is the entry stage. At this stage, you create an absolutely new product or service, making you the first in that market for your product or service. You become the pioneer of that… Read More

The majority of business owners do not know the difference between marketing and sales.       In fact even multi-national corporations have a sales and marketing department together instead of keeping the sales and marketing functions separate. Sales and marketing are completely different functions of a business. The role of the marketing department is… Read More

      At the end of the first article on ‘How To Calculate Your Marketing Return on Investment’, I said I was going to reveal the most accurate figure for calculating marketing return on investment.       Before getting into that, let me tell you a quick story.       Few months… Read More