I saw my cardiologist last Friday. He tried persuading me to accept a blood thinner I have been refusing since last year. I have seen four different cardiologists in the last year and the half.     They have all failed to persuade me that a particular brand of blood thinner is the best for my… Read More

As the recrimination and fallout from the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy continues, the question that needs answering is, where are all our leaders? Bear with me, you will soon find out why this question is significant to the Grenfell Tower tragedy. It seems pretty straight forward to me. There was an unfortunate incident of a… Read More

In a follow up to part one of this article series, one of the main reasons it’s important you become an expert in your disease is to be in the position to take control of your treatment process. In article one, I mentioned that the lump on my friend’s shoulder appeared in July 2016.  … Read More

A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with stage four cancer and given a year to live. When I went to see him, I made three suggestions to him: Firstly, he should banish the thought of being dead in a year from his mind. Doctors are not God. Because they said he is going to… Read More

On Wednesday and Thursday last week, I attended the Innovation & Strategy Forum in London. On Friday morning, I received a feedback form. The question I asked myself when I saw the form was, should I give an honest feedback or should I go British and say everything was fabulous? It was one of those… Read More

German Chancellor said of Donald Trump’s victory: ‘Europe’s leaders should learn a lesson and stop ignoring their people’. European leaders made similar pronouncements after Brexit yet went back to business as usual. When all the euphoria dies down, they will all forget this day and return to business as usual. What scares me and I… Read More

You might not agree with Donald Trump politics but one cannot help than be in awe of his brilliance. Against the odds, he managed to pull off one of the biggest political upsets in living memory. Morality and convictions aside, what can small business owners learn from his guerrilla marketing strategies.   Effective small business… Read More

I recently listened to a audio book called ‘Love Is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends’ It’s a really good book with a crappy title. How a group of really smart people sat around the table and came up with such crappy title for a great book, I do not understand… Read More