Whenever someone tells me that marketing is expensive, my question to them is: compared to what?       Management guru Peter Drucker once said, “the business enterprise has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs”. So when a business owner says… Read More

The saying that ‘Marketing is better than mastery’ is so true when it relates to movies. I wrote an article early this year about Birdman, the film that won the best picture at the Academy Awards. I have made it a habit of watching all of the films that win the Academy Awards, so I… Read More

The cover of the September issue of ‘People Management’ magazine was entitled: “Who will you promote?”       Then there were two images positioned situated parallel each other. The caption under the first image read: “The one who hits her target every month”. And the caption under the second image read: “The one who… Read More

…And Reason Behind The Failure Of Private Security Companies I was in Paris recently for holiday.       Being fully aware of the security situation in the city, I was a bit uneasy when visiting crowded tourist attractions.       I was particularly concerned with visiting outdoor tourist attractions. When we visited the… Read More

Most businesses do not command premium price for their product or service because they have a one size fit all pricing structure.  To repeat the points I have made in the first two articles of this sequence, we base our prices on our cost of production instead of the value of our product or service… Read More

On Sunday August 9th, two cows were herded through an Asda supermarket in Stafford, UK in protest at the plummeting price of milk. Farmers were protesting the amount they are paid for the milk they produce. In July similar scenes were witnessed in France as French farmers blockaded roads around the country in protest against… Read More

I told the story of my visit to Harrods when I was writing my books ‘How to Increase Retail Sales’ and ‘How to Make Profit In Retail’. Harrods is the Mecca of retailing where royals, presidents, A-list Hollywood stars and the ‘who-is-who’ in the world go to shop.      Therefore, there is no better… Read More

On Tuesday I travelled on Virgin Trains from Manchester to London. When I was booking my ticket, I mistakenly chose the option to print my ticket.       I usually choose the option to collect my ticket from the machine for which reason I did not read the confirmation email.       I… Read More