A few years ago, Hollywood star Angelina Jolie had a double mastectomy. A mastectomy is a procedure that requires breast removal apparently to reduce the risk of contracting cancer. Being a film star grossing twenty million per movie, you would imagine she is surrounded by the best doctors. The best doctors should know of a… Read More

  A lot of us have started 2018 with the same problems with which we ended 2017. It was those problems that prevented us from accomplishing the things we intended to accomplish in 2017. We still do not have funding for our projects. We are still living in the same communities. We still have the… Read More

In 1915, the British had every chance of ending WW1 with the successful invasion of Gallipoli. A British victory in the battle of Gallipoli would have ended the stalemate on the Western Front and provided them a clear view of the German underbelly. Former British Prime Minister Herbert Asquith said of the campaign “In my… Read More

Capitalism is an imperfect system. But like the institution of marriage, that’s the best we’ve got at present. If communism was such a great system, it would have prevailed. Don’t believe me, ask the North Koreans. Until such time that someone came up with a system better than capitalism, we might as well make the… Read More

“My numbers don’t lie” where the word of Cristiano Ronaldo after scoring twice to help Real Madrid retain the ‘Champions League’.  He was so right. After winning his fourth ‘Champions League’ and scoring more goals than any other player in the competition's history, no one will doubt his place amongst football greats. It’s curious how… Read More

On his way to make his first broadcast to the nation after his release from prison, President Mandela was called to a bomb site. There was flesh and blood everywhere. As he toured the site, a woman went up to him and said, Madiba, you need to declare war. Give us the order and we… Read More

Baby Charlie life support has finally been switched off ending a protracted legal battle between his parents and the hospital. The medics will feel vindicated after the courts supported their position. But should they feel vindicated or indicted?   For me the action of the medics is simply a failure of imagination. Simply because they… Read More

I saw my cardiologist last Friday. He tried persuading me to accept a blood thinner I have been refusing since last year. I have seen four different cardiologists in the last year and the half.     They have all failed to persuade me that a particular brand of blood thinner is the best for my… Read More