generating good business ideas

how to generate good business startup ideas

Entrepreneurs are everywhere. Every day, someone, somewhere decides to start a business.

Few have anything innovative in mind.

What happens?

Many of them fail, and miserably so.

It’s not always a matter of being a bad businessperson.

Some have very good business sense.

The fault lies in trying to tap already saturated markets.

It lies in trying to reinvent the wheel.

In order to succeed and thrive, you must think about the world differently.

Don’t Think About Ideas, Think of Problems

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Paul Graham, noted author and one of the founders of Y Combinator, a company that has funded hundreds of business ideas for business start ups, strongly suggests that you think of problems rather than business ideas first.


When you have an idea for a service or product in your head, you want the world conform to it.

You’ll invest a lot of time and energy fleshing out the idea to create a product or service only to find out no one really wants it.

Remember…Problem is market.

When there is no problem, there is no market.

Think about What’s Needed

Find problems that exist, and then think about creating a business around the solutions.

If you’ve worked in any type of business, be it a construction job or working at a desk, you’ve been frustrated by problems in the workplace.

You may have even thought to yourself many times, “If only we had X, work would be so much easy!”

Fill in the “X” with whatever you needed, and if that idea, service or product doesn’t exist or is in low supply, there’s your business startup idea.

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Build It, and They Will Come

Once you’ve made sure the problem really exists and that there are few companies (if any) who provide a solution to the problem, work on building a solution.

However, people must need it urgently, and not just someday.

If you can create the solution to that urgent problem, you’ll have a business startup that quickly takes off.

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