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Mr. Gamble of Proctor and Gamble once said “Any fool can make a soap, it takes a genius to sell it”. This statement is so fitting for the current retail environment where the focus is only on the merchandise.
Retail is business! You might think to yourself but everyone know that retail is business so what’s the revelation in that?
Well everyone except retailers know that retail is business. There are fundamental principles that apply to every successful business and most retailers do not apply those principles because they believe that those principles would not work in retail.
One of those principles is profit. The goal of every business is to make profit. Not to increase sales or provide good customer services, but to make profit. However, in order to make profit, we need to increase sales and provide extraordinary customer service. This is where most retailers get confused. Instead of focusing on the goal of the business which is to make profit, they focus on the means which is to increase sales.
Another of those principles that is wrongly applied in retail is the principle of sales and marketing. The principles of sales and marketing have remain the same since the dawn of time because human psychology has not change since the time man lived in caves.
What’s in it for me and how would it benefit me?
Is the question that each prospective customer ask as they pass by your store amongst the three hundred stores in the mall.
When a baby is born, when he screams, what do you think he is screaming for?
Is it because he is sorry for his mother who has gone through terrible pain to give birth to him?
Fat chance!
He is already thinking about himself.
He needs air, food and warmth.

How to market your business

Marketing with story

That is how we have all been wired up from day one. Sales and marketing is about taping into the natural human selfish and greedy desire. There are way of effectively doing this which eventually leads to increase sales and our ultimate goal of making profit.
One of the best way of getting into the minds of your customers as a retailers is through attractive merchandise display.
The majority of visual merchandise display contents focus on the art side of the process, but there is both an art and a science to effective visual merchandising.
The art part of the process is the arrangement of the display itself, the colours, the lighting etc.
The science is the thought behind the display, the storyline and the art of going into your prospective customer’s head. It is the process of the visual merchandiser asking himself, what would my prospect think when they see this display?
What message would they get from this display?
That is the science of visual merchandising display.