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social media marketing for small businesses


Social media marketing for small business is not only beneficial, but required.  Back when the dinosaurs walked the earth, marketing techniques were limited to ancient practices such as large billboards along the side of the highway, mass mailings, and even cold calling from the telephone directory.

Most of these primitive methods were not very effective when they were used, and with current technology, they are being replaced with online marketing.

There is a generation of people who have always known the internet.

Today, small business marketing is more sophisticated than ever.  Online marketing technology has exploded since the early days of the internet.  Digital babies, those who have known the internet and used computers since they were born, are easy to reach by using social media marketing.

social media marketing

small business social media marketing


Most people have at least one smart phone, tablet, touchpad, notebook, laptop, etc. and because this technology is so prevalent, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get along in the world without using at least one of these devices.  Businesses, like individuals, must evolve and adapt in order to thrive.

What does this all mean for small business?

Because there are so many people online, and software available to measure and analyze demographics (most of which is easy and inexpensive), small business marketing has never had so many tools available. Example:  For a business located in a small/remote location, online marketing, unlike any other time in history, can potentially bring a worldwide audience to view your message.

That being said, marketing is still a science which needs to be studied/learned, and adjusted accordingly.

To illustrate this point, think of YouTube.  Many businesses are increasingly taking advantage of opportunities to advertise on this site; however, just picking a channel on which to place a commercial is not enough.  The business must reach the desired audience (the one who is most likely to make a purchase), and be at the right place, at the right time.

Example:  a business who sells baby diaper products  probably does not want to have an ad placed on a site which is targeting professional printing services – there is no match between these two.

Just because a business can reach the entire world, doesn’t mean that it should.  Online marketing, like traditional marketing, must be selective.

With a bit of work, a business can thrive.

By paying attention to details (such as targeting the right market, presenting an effective message, and reeling in potential customers), online marketing can be one of the most useful tools for increasing sales.


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