Today Andy Murray made tennis history by becoming the first Brit in 77 years to win the Wimbledon Tennis Championship.

What lessons can entrepreneurs and small business owners learn from his victory?

A lot!

When Czech Republic’s Jana Novotná won the championship in 1998, she was asked what advice she received before the tournament. She responded that her coach told her that to win a Grand Slam, one has to play well, be fit and lucky.

Andy Murray certainly demonstrated those qualities today in his three sets demolition of Novak Djokovic.  It was evident by the end of the second set that Novak Djokovic was anything but fit, playing well and certainly unlucky…well so he might have been thinking until he has the time to watch the footage after the match.

Andy Murray Wimbledon Victory

Andy Murray Victor Lessons for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

However, there is one very important lesson I will hope every entrepreneur and small business owner who watch the final or reflecting on it later will take from it: that is the importance of a coach.

When Andy Murray lost his first Grand Slam final to Novak Djokovic in 2011, I wrote an article in which I stated that Andy was foolish to think that he will win a Grand Slam without a coach.

At the time he had just fired his coach. It is impossible to play at that level and win without a team of coaches. Tiger Woods has also attempted to go into majors without coach and every time he fell flat on his face.

You might contend that Novak Djokovic also had a coach so why did he loose?

Well the coach is not responsible for playing the game for him but the tactical preparation and strategy are very critical for winning a Grand Slam.

Andy Murray was tactically and strategically better than Novak Djokovic. If the game had gone to the fifth set Novak Djokovic would have definitely won because he was the fitter of the two.

However, because Andy was tactically and strategically superior to him, he ensured he finished him in three sets.

What does all this have to do with entrepreneurs and small business owners?

The majority of entrepreneurs and small business owners operate without a coach. Like Andy or Tiger a few years back, they feel they can make it on their own.

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners were once employee.  As employees someone else did the thinking for them. Someone else provided them instructional manual with which to work. And someone else was accountable for the results they produce.

When you own your own business, you are responsible for your actions and your results. Every day for an entrepreneur or small business owner is like being in a Grand Slam final. Every decision you make to hit the ball will determine whether you win or lose.

Because the players know that when they are on court it is up to them, they give themselves the advantage by preparing well. A major part of the preparation for a Grand Slam final is for the coach to watch several footages of the opponent and provide his player tips on the strength and weakness of the other player.

When you run a small business, you give yourself an advantage by preparing for your activities. This requires someone with the experience and expertise to guide you through the process.

There is the saying: when you are in the frame, you cannot see the picture. Because you are used to your office, you might not notice things. However, someone with a fresh pair of eyes can notice what you miss.

It is vitally impossible to move a business from start-up to 7 Figure without a coach. If you did by luck, you will not be able to sustain it.

There are certain things required to succeed in business. One of those things is having a coach. To imagine you will succeed in your business without a coach is playing Russian Roulette with your investment and future.

Learn from Andy Murray, the guy won the biggest prize in tennis, he can teach you a thing or two.



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