Marketing for small businesses

small business growth strategy

As 2013 draws to a close and 2014 dawned, many small business owners are hoping the New Year will bring in new development to their business.

But the keyword is ‘hoping’.

Many small businesses were happy to just survive the onslaught of the last two economic crisis.
Now that they are still standing after the severe battering of the economic crisis that literally swept away many small businesses, forcing them to close shop, it is understandable for those that managed to survive to be grateful for the mere fact that they survival.

Retail and construction were the two industries that bear the brunt of the assault, while many small professional businesses were forced to reshape their operational modus operandi to remain solvent.

The question I like to answer in my upcoming small business growth report is: why did so many small businesses fall victim to a small change in their trading environment?

And how to ensure your small business is insulated from the sudden changes in the economic wind.